The Very Large Hadron Collider (VLHC)
M4 - Working Group on Hadron Colliders
Snowmass 2001


Conveners: Steve Peggs, Mike Syphers.
Organizing Committee Contacts: Gerry Dugan, Jim Strait

Snowmass Page Presentations at Snowmass Steering Committee for the VLHC (and links to workshops)
Snowmass 2001 Accelerator R&D Report Mike Syphers, "M4 Working Group/Hadron Colliders" Plenary Talk, July 20, 2001
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"Design Study for a Staged VLHC" Fermilab TM-2149 (June 4, 2001)
Peter Limon "Design Study for a Staged Very Large Hadron Collider," May 17, 2001
Material presented to the Fermilab AAC Review of the Design Study, May 21-22, 2001
Presentations to the HEPAP Subpanel on Long Range Planning, June 11, 2001
"VLHC Accelerator Physics" (June 29, 2001; BNL C-AD/AP/49; FNAL TM-2158)

"VLHC Instability Workshop Report"
(March 2001)
"Superbunch Hadron Colliders"
(March 16, 2001)

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"Collective Beam Instabilities
in HE Accelerators" (Chao, 93)

M4 charge summary  (full text of charge)

  1. Develop a vision and a long-term plan for the US hadron collider program.
  2. Examine the central physics and technology issues, and specify the most critical ones.
  3. Identify the technology developments and accelerator physics experiments needed to prove a future machine feasible.
  4. Evaluate and estimate the technological and physics limitations on ultimate energy and luminosity.
  5. Evaluate the recently completed VLHC Design Study, and compare with other potential approaches.
  6. Develop a prioritized R&D plan to establish the above goals, including a cost and schedule estimate.
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